Sibylline Order

The Sibylline Order was founded to provide information and training for students of all experience levels wishing to learn about Wicca and its many incarnations. Its purpose is to create self-sufficient, self-directed, empowered members of the neopagan community, and the wide variety of skills we teach provide a solid base from which student can find the Tradition that speaks to their hearts and to explore their personal direction and will.

The Sibylline Order began in Houston around 1990 and was the collective creation of the Founders: Kara, Kira, Rhanyl, Sharon, Sheryl, Stella, and Virginia. The Founders were rabidly individualistic and came from different traditions and backgrounds ranging from ceremonial to shamanic practice. (Dianic: Feminist/Pacifist and Warrior, Celtic, Ceremonial, Gardnarian, Faerie and Shamanic.)

The original coven was called “The Sibylline Sisterhood of the Deep Earth.” After much discussion, debate, and ritual practice the coven was reformed into a teaching order called “The Sibylline Order of Wicca” promising to the Gods that here would be a place where a student could learn the best and most honest information and would be given the tools of self-empowerment.

There would be no “one right true way.

The structure of the Order was purposefully set up to not be a coven and to focus solely on teaching.  The bylaws were drawn up by the Founders to support the tenants of individuality and diversity of practice.

Specific items that distinguish the Order from a coven are: no initiate is be required to work with a specific pantheon nor worship in the same manner, initiates make an oath to their gods not to the Order or its members, there is no expectation or requirement of
maintaining connection between initiates, and most significantly there is no High  Priestesses or High Priests. As an Order, the Sibyllines were the first group to offer public neopagan classes without approval of a High Priest/ess, coven members, or questionnaires to determine compatibility or “fitness.”

The one thing that has bound the Sibylline Order together is that, in one form or another, each of us honors the tenant “Do thy will and harm none.” Our strength has always been in our diversity and our mutual respect.

As a teaching Order, the Sibyllines continue to uphold the Founders oath and focus on teaching skills to enable initiates to join another Tradition, start their own coven, or practice on their own as solitaries.

The Sibylline Order strives to continue provide a place of learning and self exploration along with offering fraternal, unselfish, loving support to its members, regardless of their degree or level of experience. Every member is free to go or stay as
they please. Numerous members have trained with us and then gone on to form their own covens, teach groups, write books, study other religions, and enact their  individual wills. To each that have come and gone, and to all that will come and go, we offer cheer and well-wishes to them in their adventures and spiritual paths.

Intended only to train student in the basic arts that they might move on to established Traditions, the Order originally had no degrees or ranks. However, the strong bonds between students remained even after class work had completed. Many Sibylline initiates continued to work together in addition to pursuing their own personal practices. As a result, and in response to those members needs, a degree system was
introduced early in year number three after the first five classes.

Unlike traditional degree systems, the Founders based Degrees within the Order on the amount of study, community service, and long-term spiritual dedication an initiate demonstrated. The key difference was that the area of study and pantheon were not defined, but rather, the diversity the Order fostered was encouraged to continue with
the members as they continued their spiritual growth.

Based on contribution and not authority, the Sibylline Order does not confer titles such as “High Priest/ess.” Instead, members progress through three degrees of increasing service to the Order and level of proficiency within their chosen specialties. Originally Third Degree was given the title of "Elder,” and carried with it  responsibilities to the Order as well as personal oaths to their chosen gods but no power over individual members.

Students who are 18 years or older and interested may request initiation after the class on the Nine Inner Planes. We do not recruit members, thus the student is informed of what initiation entails and after that, they may approach their teacher and request initiation. Initiation is granted to those who successfully complete the course requirements, express it is their True Will, and meet the Order's standards of ethics and mental health.

There is no charge for Initiation, and no further dues or payments of any kind.

Students intending to initiate are required to write 3 papers: a personal belief system, a personal ethical principles, and a ritual. Papers are discussed and initiation is mutually evaluated.

Initiation is not guaranteed nor intent to initiate a condition to take the class.

Our purpose is to offer education, not recruit.

Please take a look at the curriculum and degree pages.  We encourage you to ask questions if you have them. 

If you want more information about the course, or are interested in attending classes, please complete the Student Interest Form.