Welcome to the web portal for the Sibylline Order.  Please note that the Order is run entirely by volunteers, and we ask your patience, understanding, and kindness.

Here you will find information about the Sibylline course of study, as well as support for current students and initiated members.

If you are interested in our course, please take a look around.  We published a brief outline of the curriculum, which should give you an idea if this is a good fit for you.  Feel free to reach out to us using the Contact form, or if you are interested in classes, please use the student interest form.

Blessed Be!

Class forming in Vancouver, Washington

A teacher in Vancouver Washington is forming a class to start soon.  This will be an in-person class, seating is therefore limited.  The teacher has been vaccinated against COVID, and while not required, it is asked that all students also be fully COVID vaccinated.  Classes are anticipated to usually be once a week for about 2 hours each class, and the entire course will run about 40 weeks from the first class  There is a $10 per class fee to cover expenses and materials, for those with financial constraints, bartering may be possible in lieu of class fees at the teachers discretion.